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How to have great sex for the rest of your life


Sex after the novelty has worn off is often considered unglamorous and unexciting. This book is powerful and immensely positive. Sex doesn’t have to become boring or routine; the sex you can have with your long term partner can be the best sex of your life, no matter what your age or the number of years you’ve been together.

How do I feel about my parents’ divorce?


Join our young friends as they talk about how they felt about their parents’ divorce. Illustrations, photographs, cartoon strips and easy-to-read text are an imaginative way to help young readers understand that sometimes confusing feelings they may have when their parents separate or divorce.

Find the love of your life


This book is a realistic look at the world of dating and mating, and shows you how to find the love you want, and keep it, while remaining true to yourself.

Crunch points for couples


This is a book for anyone who has ever argued with their partner; to help with the issues that cause conflict and all the difficulties that put a relationship under strain.

After the affair


An affair can seem like the ultimate betrayal and learning to trust again in difficult and painful. This book takes a frank yet sensitive look at the reasons why people have affairs and offers guidance on how to understand and deal with the devastating effects upon a relationship.

Loving Yourself, Loving Another


Have you ever wondered why you always seem to find yourself in problem relationships? It could well be that your feelings about yourself are at the root of the problem. This enlightening guide shows how self-esteem ,or rather the lack of it, can profoundly affect your close relationships.

How to stay together forever


Statistics tell the truth with shocking clarity: nearly half of marriages end in divorce, while 1 in 10 of divorced couples wish they had stayed together. This book looks at how to improve communication, handle arguments, make time to be together, share hopes and dreams and enjoy a quality sex life.

Make love work for you


When both partners work, great pressure can be put on the relationship because of stress. This book addresses: who does the chores, coping with a workaholic, managing time together and apart and supporting each other without resentment or guilt. bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb