Welcome to my brand new website! I’m looking forward to posting here fairly regularly on all things related to counselling, relationships and life in general. Starting a new venture can be exciting and scary, and reaching out into the web is no different. I’m looking forward to making contact with people who want therapy, but also curious about what connections will be formed through my presence here.

I think all new relationships are like this – a looking forward but also a possible wariness about what the future will bring. Some people like to plunge into a new relationship, diving straight in with not much concern about what lies beneath the water. Others are paddlers, who like to test out the depth first to find out what will follow. This is not only true of relationships to other people. It can also apply to buying a car, a house or booking a holiday. This is especially true of the internet, where anonymity can reduce natural barriers, allowing an immediacy that can be thrilling or threatening, as recent news items have shown. But all relationships have to prove themselves. Whether you meet online or at the pub, it takes time to develop an understanding of a whole person.

Counselling follows this same pattern. As sessions progress, it is a process that moves through wariness to trust, and this can be part of the healing experience. I’m hoping to hear from any of you who want to explore this process with me as your counsellor.